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  • Mothers Day is Coming Soon!!

    Are you thinking about  Mother's day  yet ? I Have!

    You see my Mother is gone but I think of her every day! She was the best mother one could ever have. I remember one time when I had a fever of 104 degrees and she stayed right by my side until my fever broke!

    But let me be honest, your Mother probably has or would do the same thing for you. So I want to ask you a question. Is your Mother's Safety important to you? Want a suggestion for a way to honor your Mother?

    Does your Mother live alone, or does she go shopping by herself? Or does she walk alone?

    How about considering some sort of personal protection for her? Such as Pepper Spray 

    Or even a Stun Gun Flashlight so she can light up the night. You might even consider a home camera system in order for her to have surveillance to record any shady things going on.

    I am not trying to put a guilt trip on anyone but imagine how you would feel if something happened to your Mother and you could have purchased something to keep her safer in today's crazy world!

    Besides I bet she will never be expecting something to protect herself but if she ever had to use it she would Love you forever. I know, She already does but imagine how proud you will be if you got her something that saved her life.

    If you are thinking that nothing will ever happen don't kid yourself because it is a dangerous world out there and statistics say violent crime is up. In fact according to the FBI there were 1.1 Million violent crimes last year.

    Just a few weeks ago a women was assaulted as she was getting in her car after work in the city where I live. Now I am sure the only thing on her mind was to go home and relax after a hard day at work but her day was ruined and possibly her life for a long time.

    Are you willing to take a chance your Mother is safe especially when she is out doing her daily activities? Make your Mother safer on Mother's Day!

    I wish I could honor my Mother

  • Personal Self Defense Preparation

    Everyone should carry  a Personal Defense Spray wherever they go for Personal Self Defense! If you don't think so then just read your daily newspaper or watch the nightly news! Unless you have a crystal ball then you need some form of personal protection with you. An OC defense spray is one of the best. Pepper Shot 1/2 oz Pepper Spray with Colored Injection Molded Holster

    OC stands for Oleo Resin Capsicum which is a natural derivative of hot peppers. It is the most effective form of Personal pepper spray one can purchase! There are other forms available but take 5-30 seconds to be effective and that is a very long time if you are trying to escape an attack.

    Also don't make the mistake that you only need personal self defense spray when you go out at night. That could be a terrible mistake! Criminals, Creeps, and Crazies don't care if it is day or night. A violent assault occurs every 17 seconds in this country. Carrying a personal defense spray is good common sense.

    Just recently  in our are a woman was approached by a person who stole her purse as she was getting into  her car after work in broad daylight!

                                                           How you should carry a Defense Spray

    Most 2 ounce sprays are about 4" long and 1" in diameter; small enough to clip onto a purse or belt. If you find this  size inconvenient carry a key chain spray. One advantage to a key chain spray is you won't likely forget it.

    Do Not Carry a defense spray in your pocket! Or Purse! Too often you won't be able to get it out fast enough! You most likely will only have a few seconds to react if you need it.

                                                                                      Purse Carry

    For women the obvious place is a purse. What is not so obvious is how to carry it in a purse.

    Don't Let the Personal Defense Spray lay in the bottom of your purse. The time it takes to find & retrieve it can be all the time an attacker needs to overpower you or even steal your purse!

    Defense sprays should be be clipped to the front end of an inside pocket, flap,or divider. Clip it so the unit is inside the purse,easy to get to quickly, and can be pulled out and used in a few seconds. Arrange it so your hand can find it easily.

                                                                                        Belt carry

    If you carry personal defense spray on a belt carry it upside down. You will find it is easier  to "draw" the spray downward off the belt,rather than upward.


    Practice  how you would get to the spray, remember you want to keep possession of the spray even if your purse is yanked away.

    Anytime you're on foot, such as walking to your car, leaving or entering a restaurant shopping, or anytime you are alone or isolated, you should have the spray ready to use instantly.

    Any practicing you do with the spray you do could make the difference between becoming a victim and surviving a hostile confrontation.


  • Drone Users take Notice!

    I heard on the radio that up to a million Drones will be sold for Christmas! Wow! I didn't realize there was so much interest in drones.     Mini Hidden Spy Camera with Built In DVR

    How would you like to add a camera or cameras to your drone at a Very Reasonable cost.

    I don't know for sure how much a camera costs if you buy it from your drone dealer but I am sure I can save you Money. For a limited time everything is 15% Off ! Check us out!  www.homesecurityandselfdefensestore.com

    Be sure you are following all Laws & restrictions but watch the following video to see what a camera on your drone can do!

  • Personal Possessions Protection

    It seems we all need to carry more of our personal possessions around these days.

    Cash in your wallet or purse ; checkbooks,credit cards, personal organizers & mobile phones are just some of the everyday items that are Greatly missed if they are stolen.

    All these possessions might seem invaluable,but according to the police the best advice for hanging on to your possessions is "only take what you need with you"

    They suggest you learn to minimize the amount of possessions you carry with you. If you don't need a camera, don't take it and the same goes for cash & credit cards, only take what cash you need & don't take all you credit cards with you, just the ones you are likely to use.

    Have you heard of a Diversion safe? They look just like household items any one would have around the house or in your vehicle. but you can take more of your personal items with you discreetly. There are lots of secret safes that no one will suspect that they are anything other than normal things kept in your vehicle that have no value to them.

    Keep your purse or wallet somewhere where you can feel it, such as an inside jacket or pants pocket. check every now and then to be sure it is still there--but don't make this too obvious as pickpockets can spot you doing this.

    Likewise, keep your mobile phone out of size-- in a zipped up pocket if possible. if you carry a bag, strap it across your chest & keep hold of it. At the same time try not to look overly cautious. Keep the opening towards you. Be aware that back-pack style bags are especially vulnerable to thieves.

    Do not leave your bag unattended in a public place. If your trying on shoes in a shop for example, don't walk even a short distance away. Keep it with you!

    Be aware of your surroundings. Pickpockets like busy streets & crowded places, and someone bumping into you could well be a pickpocket! If this happens check to be sure you still have your things!

    If something is stolen, go to the nearest police station or call the police. However don't call 911 unless you have actually caught someone and managed to apprehend them. Think carefully before chasing after someone or trying to restrain a thief. The value of what they have stolen may be minor compared to the consequences of being attacked. Always put your safety first!

    Have you considered carrying Non Lethal Protection?

    There are lots of ideas besides lethal means!

    Let me introduce you to our company Brooks Safety & Security!  Click on any bold words above to check out our website.  Worth a look!  We started this company because there is an answer to Lethal protection and our goal is not just to "sell" you something but hopefully establish a relationship where you trust that we do what we say we will do and you have a place to shop for all your Non Lethal Protection items!

    Look around- we carry almost 500 items! we offer 90 days satisfaction guarantee PLUS all our Stun gun flashlight combo's come with a lifetime warranty!  And for a limited time all items are on sale at 15% off!

  • Self Defense Tips for your Family when they are being Exposed to the threat of real Danger!

    You & your family are being Exposed to the threat of Real Danger! Despite a natural,trusting tendency to go about our daily lives in ignorant bliss, more and more people, especially women, are beginning to realize they must protect themselves : that it's no longer enough to "park under a street lamp" or "avoid walking alone at night." there is a growing realization that we ALL must assume the responsibility for our own safety.

    Yes, CRIME is real! women are being assaulted every day or worse yet, raped,... Family homes are invaded....the damage done to people goes far beyond the loss of money or possessions!

    Hello I am owner of Brooks Safety & Security. My wife & I started this business to help people stay safe without using lethal means.  We can take pride in the fact that we save lives for a living... that we provide peace of mind and real security. Our motto is" Let Brooks help you stop the Crooks"

    Check our website:  http://www.homesecurityandselfdefensestore.com

    Long name but worth a look! Everything has a 90 day no question asked warranty with Lifetime warranty on all our Stun guns! Oh and by the way, EVERYTHING is on sale @ 15% off, but only for a limited time!

    Ok, even if you don't visit I hope you will find the following  tips informative!

    1.Do as much as you can to avoid a confrontation-"anticipation & avoidance" are the key words. If you get caught up in a situation,try to talk to an aggressor without provoking them. Practice relaxation,as appearing fearful or stressed can provoke an attack. Remember that body language is important in aggressive situations, so maintain a comfortable distance between you & the aggressor.

    2 Use a gas or electronic attack alarm, as these give out a short piercing sound & will temporarily disorient an attacker, giving you enough time to escape. Make sure you carry it where you can get to it quickly! It doesn't do a bit of good buried in the bottom of your purse!

    Steady yourself  if danger threatens. Panic  can disable you. if you have to fight back, adopt what police term the "bash & dash" approach. Targets should be the eyes, nose,mouth, ears,throat,groin,knees or shins; choose whichever is easiest to get to.

    Have you ever considered carrying Mace,Pepper Spray or a Stun Gun? Only consider Pepper Spray with OC Pepper Spray (Oleoresin Capsicum) it will cause the eyes to slam shut & cause temporary blindness, and a Stun Gun Rechargeable Weapon will cause involuntary loss of muscle control with a 3 to 5 second "stun" to an assailant.

    If grabbed from behind don't struggle forward,instead throw yourself  backward to surprise your attacker or stomp on his foot. This is where a Stun Gun comes in handy cause you can reach back with it and "get" him in the neck.

    You have the right to protect yourself with reasonable force. Such as umbrella, or keys. I am sure you have heard to put your keys between your fingers and jab if you need to defend yourself. Have you heard about the "heart attack" or a kubaton?

    Once you have achieved your primary aim of stunning or surprising your attacker, get away as fast as you can. If you manage to overcome them don't attack again,you could be putting yourself in more danger or end up charged with assault.

    These are just the basics of self defense so inform yourself to stay safe!

  • How to combat Charity & Other Fraud

    Charity Fraud does a lot of harm. the con artist takes advantage of peoples goodwill and takes their cash. Money that should go to people in need.

    Just follow these tips to help be sure that any money you give gets into the right hands.

    1. Ask for identification-the Organization AND the solicitor. find out what the purpose of the charity is and how the funds are used.

    2. Ask if your contributions are tax deductible.

    3. If you are not satisfied with their answers -Don't give

    4. Give to charities you know.

    5. Don't fall for high pressure tactics. If solicitors won't take no for an answer,tell them NO anyway, Don't Give them your Money!

    6. Be suspicious of charities that only take cash.

    7. Always make a check out to the Charity and NOT the individual asking for a donation!

    Please watch the following video  for an example of charity fraud.

    The Pigeon Drop

    A person approaches you and tells you they just found a large amount of money. What should he do? Maybe his "boss" can suggest something. He leaves to check with his "boss" and comes back a few minutes later. His boss said to divide the money, but first , each of you must put up some "good faith money". But once you hand over your "share" you'll never see it or the con artist again.

    You might want to have a hidden camera  so you can possibly help the police catch the bad guy!

    The Bank Drop

    A con artist will contact you & tell you he is a bank official or police officer and that he needs your help to catch a dishonest bank teller. all you have to do is withdraw your money and give to him so he can "check" the serial numbers. If you do, you've been "stung". A real bank official would never ask you to withdraw your money.

    Is it hard for you to believe people fall for these tricks? Con artists may be the greatest actors you'll ever meet! the pigeon drop and the bank examiner are two of the most successful con games around. Don't be fooled! Call their bluff before you lose money.

    Tips for Safer E-mails

    Don't reply to ANY unsolicited emails. Even unsubscribe will alert senders the email address is valid.

    Use your messaging software's filtering tools to reject mail from spammer's or certain words in the subject line. (sex, for example)

    Find out if your ISP has a spam blocking service. If not sign up for a third party spam blocking service such as Brightmail (www.brightmail.com)

    Contact the large directory services such as Bigfoot,Infospace, Switchboard, People Search,to tell them you don't want to be listed.

    Encrypt & digitally sign all of your sensitive email messages. If your messaging software does not support robust encryption, download PGP Freeware encryption software (http://web.mitedu/network/pgp.html)

    Use Winzip (www.winzip.com) software to compress & password protect your attachments.

    To avoid cookies sent via email, use email client software, such as Eudora Pro, that lets you shut off it's automatic Web Browser rendering machine.

    Don't check your email on a machine that doesn't belong to you. If you use a browser to read email on someone else's machine, use the browser's clear History tool when you finish.

    Don't send sensitive personal messages on your work machine.

    Keep your antivirus software updated at all times!



  • Traveling for the Holidays? Tips on how to ensure a Safe, Clean Hotel Room

    It's a story familiar to any traveler. Your tired after a long trip, it's late, & you want to be ensured that you will have  a Safe Clean Hotel room. You grab your key and head to your room with the idea to collapse into bed!


    Take the next few minutes to perform these Safety, Security & cleanliness checks.

    These "How to's" will save you time the next morning, & could even save your life  someday.

      1. When you enter the room prop the door open,turn on the lights,& check the closets,bathroom,under the bed,& behind the drapes. Mistakes do happen and sometimes someone else has been assigned your room. Or there could be a thief ,In any case Don't close the door until you are sure the room is empty.
      2. Check any connecting doors,windows,and sliding doors to be sure they are securely locked. If possible avoid first floor rooms. Have you considered a portable alarm?
      3. Once you lock your door, attach the safety chain,check the diagram on the back of the door to learn the nearest exits and mentally plan your escape route. Check to make sure the Exit signs are well lit. If any are out let the front desk know right away! The few seconds it takes you to review the exit information can save your life in the event of a fire,earthquake,or other emergency. FYI Most Fire Engine ladders can only reach to the 6th floor!
      4. If you travel you need a door alarm!

    1. Last but not least-Be sure the heat, A/C,lights, phone,radio,and television are working. turn on the shower & sink to check for adequate water pressure and temperature. If anything is not working properly ask to change rooms. It's not worth waiting for someone to fix the problem, especially at night.
  • Looking for ideas to prevent a Holdup?

    Hello, We would like to introduce you to our company and help you combat crime! Our company is Brooks Safety & Security. We started this company so you would have a place to purchase non lethal defense items, plus we carry Home security, and Survival equipment. Just click on the words such as home security,survival equipment, stun guns, or most any of the bold words and it will take you to the appropriate site!

    Why buy from us?  We offer Satisfaction Guaranteed or return an item within 90 days for refund or replacement! Plus all our Stun Guns have a LIFETIME Warranty! Also we want to develop a relationship not just "sell" you something. In other words we want you to be able to trust that we do what we say we will do.

    Right now for a short time everything is on sale for 15% off!!

    One of the things I hope to do is teach you how to Prevent crime.

    Here are some  tips to prevent or cut down the chance of a holdup!

    Call the Police at once if you notice suspicious activity near your place of business.

    Never block the view into your business by crowding display windows. It is important to maintain visibility into your business at all times.

    Secure your teller & cashier areas to keep unauthorized persons out of these areas. Do you have Security Cameras in Place?

    If practical, mark doorways @ varying heights to allow proper identification of a robbers height.

    Install a hold up Alarm system?

    Use two people to open & close. One person should stay outside till given the all clear. Would you consider either a Stun Gun or Pepper Spray so your employees can be safer?

    Keep cash at your business to a minimum. Make frequent pick ups from your registers and make bank deposits. When I worked at a convenience store we made frequent drops in a time lock safe.

    Keep the safe @ your place of business locked at all times!

    Do not establish a habitual routine when making bank deposits.

    You could also consider a Diversion Safe, to hide money in until you can take it to the bank!


    In the event you are contacted about an emergency at your business, verify the validity with the police dispatcher before going to your business.


    Remain calm

    Do not resist

    Be identification conscious.In other words Observe the suspect carefully for future identification.

    Report the robbery immediately-dial 911 & don't hang up.

    if possible preserve the "crime scene" for Police

    Hopefully these  Hold up Prevention tips will help keep your Employees and business safe!



  • Keeping yourself & Family Safe During the Holidays!

    Avoid driving alone especially at night! Carry Mace,Pepper spray, or a Stun gun! Keep all doors locked & windows closed while in or out of your car.

    If you must drive and shop at night, park in a well lit area and it would be best if you had a Bright Flashlight Stun gun Combo.  Avoid parking next to Vans, trucks, or cars with tinted windows.

    Always be aware of your surroundings!! Ever hear about  keeping your keys between your fingers to protect yourself? Or a "Heart Attack" on a key chain?

    Never leave your car unoccupied or with the motor running. And certainly never leave Children or Pets in a vehicle!

    While on the subject of  Shopping & Children. have you ever experienced the terror and gut wrenching feeling of turning around and finding your child is nowhere to be seen? This can be prevented with the Child Guard Panda. The child wears a cartoon animal shaped transmitter and it sends an electronic signal to the receiver, held by the adult and if your child wanders too far away you are instantly alerted. Watch instructional video:


    Make sure your child knows what a Stranger is. Just because they see someone every day (mailman, paperboy, neighbor) it doesn't mean they are not a stranger


    Never leave packages or or valuables visible inside your car.Lock them in the trunk or out of sight. Loose change is a meal for a homeless person. They will break your window for small change.

    Always report theft to the police!

    Please watch the following short video later in this article.


    Keep a secure hold on your handbag or parcels. Do not put them down or on the hood to open the door.

    Do not approach your car if there are suspicious people hanging around.

    Ask Mall or  store security to escort you to your car if you feel uneasy.

    Please watch the following short video.


    And lastly, if hosting a Party,find alternative transportation for intoxicated guests:and when going out drinking,please remember: DON'T DRINK & DRIVE. Have you thought about checking your drinks for drugs? Check out products available to do this: Drink Guard

    Check out drink guard @ www.homesecurityandsefdefensestore.com and get 15% off !

    Or if you are invited to a party.

    Always get your your own drink. watch it being poured. Don't leave it unattended.

    Also did you know there are Personal Hidden cameras that you can video circumstances for proof later on?

    Don't accept drinks from somebody else.  Dispose of your drink if it tastes odd. (If you just leave it someone else might drink it.)

    Drugs used to spike drinks are usually colorless & tasteless so you might not realize something has been added.

    Do you really trust the person you you might decide to go home with? Are you sure they won't make you do anything you don't want to do? Will they take "NO" for an answer?

    Have a Happy Holiday and stay SAFE!





  • Boat Safety & Security

    Thieves are always on the lookout for easy targets! Have you ever considered a Wireless Transmitter Security System?

    Never leave valuables on display, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. Thieves steal first and think about value later.

    Don't leave the key in the ignition. Take it with you. Keep your boat keys separate from your engine key.

    Keep your boat locked. Use strong locks on your hatches or lockers. Did you know there are Padlocks with alarms on them?

    Once you've tied up do a quick security check before going ashore.

    Always keep curtains closed and unused ropes or other items out of sight and lock them. Ever hear "out of sight out of mind?"

    Always make sure your motor and or life boat are secure, as these are attractive to thieves.

    If you go ashore from a dinghy, always remove the oars or rowlocks or pump & secure the dinghy with a strong chain & padlock.

    Get to know other boat owners in your marina & work together to keep the marina secure.

    Watch each others property and report any thing suspicious. Don't give up! Crime can be reduced with action-not apathy!

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